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Dr. Samy Farag – an internationally celebrated, award-winning composer and voting member of the Grammy Awards. A native Egyptian living in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Farag is greatly admired around the world for his exceptionally rich, traditional and avant-garde Middle Eastern musical compositions. His work has been featured in movies such as The Dictator, The Scorpion King, Spy Games, as well as television series such as HBO’s Single in L.A. and Cosmetic E.R.

Dr. Farag is the founding member of Sphinx Records, Inc., based out of Hollywood, California. Sphinx Records specializes in audio and video production of Middle Eastern music for singers, performing and visual artists. His reservoir of timeless musical compositions includes traditional Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Belly Dance, World and Modern dance music. He continues to be a leader in contemporary Egyptian dance music and inspires musicians, performing and visual artists around the globe. Dr. Farag strongly supports and encourages artistic excellence, the preservation of all cultural heritages and access to the arts for all.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Dr. Samy Farag is an immensely respected physician and founder of the Samy Farag MD Arthritis Clinic at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.  He is a dedicated scholar whose many passions have brought him many loyal friends and a great deal of success in the arts and entertainment business. He has a strong and flexible mind, one that is moved deeply by the logic, mystery and sensuality of music.

Nearly half of the musical compositions in Confessions of a Belly Dancer were written and produced by Dr. Farag and Sphinx Records.

  Momo Kadous – Momo has been composing from a very young age. Born in El Mahalla, Nile Delta, near the center of the Ghawazee “Sumbat”, he studied dance, drama, choreography, tabla and regie since his early youth.
As choreographer of the national folklore group “El Mahalla Lel Fenoun El Shabeyah” he experienced great success during his performances in Egyptian theaters and throughout many Arabian countries. In addition, Momo Kadous is an experienced actor and dancer and has worked in cinema and televisions productions in his native country.
Momo Kadous has a vast repertoire of different dance styles and a unique style of interpreting Oriental music. Momo Kadous is known and respected as an institution of art worldwide. He is guaranteed to offer the most authentic, modern and creative presentation of Oriental dance art form.
  Jehan Kamal – Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Choreographer: Jehan’s lyrics are spiritual poetry – tales of dance, love, passion, women’s awareness and empowerment. Her music is a magnetic blend of sensual vocals, exotic melodies and driving rhythms creating a diversity of song from meditation/trance to pulsing dance grooves. Jehan has recorded music from traditional Arabic songs to world beat fusion. A renowned bellydancer, Jehan has performed and taught worldwide. She is the founder and director of the Temple of Jehan dance school dedicated to sacred bellydance – preserving Middle Eastern dance traditions and exploring evolutionary styles.
  Cora Camille – At a very early age Cora officially broke into the music industry as a radio DJ on St. Louis’s legendary radio station, KDHX 88.1 FM, spinning world & experimental music. Simultaneously she was beginning training as a classical Egyptian bellydancer. Camille began her study of classical Egyptian and Lebanese dance under the instruction of Diana Wolf of Simone’s Seventh Veil when she was a teenager.
Cora Camille’s music reveals her great love for middle eastern and experimental fusions of world music with modern club music.  The power and beauty of Egyptian music sparked Camille’s initial interest in the dance and led her to pursue learning to play Middle Eastern music. This pursuit landed Camille in London, England, where she studied dance and rhythm and Egyptian music theory with internationally-acclaimed percussionist and producer Hossam Ramzy and Wadie Nossier, a former instructor from the Cairo Music Institute and a world-renown oud-maker.After returning home to the U.S., Camille began to fulfill the dream of playing live Egyptian music fused with electronic music. She formed the band Final Veil and also continued to pursue solo projects as well. Her art fuses the ancient with the modern in her musical composition, dance style and presentation. She works as a solo artist for some performances, and she also collaborates with club DJ’s and her band Final Veil.
Forth – Formed in 2010, Forth is a band with a story to tell. Four musicians, Brian Forth (singer & strummer), Tim Norrgrann (axe-man, harmoniser), Tuukka Nikola (drummer & dog trainer extraordinaire) and Mikael Söderbäck (bass virtuoso, man-with-the-longest-hair-in-the-band) came together to make music about their lives. They turn their epic failures, broken relationships, hopes and stupid mistakes into awesome rock songs. Their music looks for forgiveness and maybe even a little bit of redemption. Four friends from different countries, with different lives but with a shared love of good rock.
The music is inspired by classic melodic rock artists like Neil Young and Tom Petty, but Forth adds a contemporary flavour, blending classic acoustic with modern electric sounds. Forth has thick vocals with a grungy, emotional edge. Deep, melodic guitars sit on top of growling bass and thundering drums. The music is like an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time – but now he’s changed, and grown up with the times. Old is new again.