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“Imagine a singer with the virtuosity of Joan Sutherland or Ella Fitzgerald, the public persona of Eleanor Roosevelt and the audience of Elvis and you have Umm Kulthum, the most accomplished singer of her century in the Arab world” – Virginia Danielson

Om Kalthoum is arguably one of the greatest singers and musicians to ever live. From humble beginnings in Egypt’s Nile Delta, Om Kalthoum rose to global fame for her music that drove listeners…from royalty to the common man…into a state of ecstasy called taarab. With songs backed by a full orchestra and lasting up to six hours per song, she proved the music does indeed cross all barriers.

She was a patriotic activist, a humanitarian, and a philantropreneur. She gave back to her beloved country and people in countless ways including creating jobs for fellow artists, bringing electricity to her home village, raising funds for the Egyptian army and financing schools.

The influence of Om Kalthoum lives on, nearly 50 years after her death. From rock stars like U2’s Bono, to soulful divas like Beyoncé to folk singers like Bob Dylan, her reach expands across the world in today’s generation of artists.

Join us for The Fourth Pyramid: The Life and Legacy of Om Kalthoum and get to know this iconic woman whose legacy lives on.


Om Kalthoum holds a unique place in the hearts of Egyptians. Although she died nearly 50 years ago, you can get into a taxi in Cairo and you are likely to hear Om Kalthoum along with the latest pop song. Oriental dancers across the world dance to her songs and orchestras continue to play her magnificent works to charm their audiences.

Much has been said about Om Kalthoum and yet, there is still more to share. The Fourth Pyramid: The Life and Legacy of Om Kalthoum offers a contemporary look at Om Kalthoum and Mohammed Abdel Wahib, one of the composers with whom she worked during the peak of career. The show blends filmed interviews with Egyptians in the streets of Cairo and confessions from dancers around the world with the performing arts of acting and dance. It also incorporates elements of social media in ways never done before in the belly dance scene.

In the context of today’s heightened awareness of women’s issues, the life and legacy of Om Kalthoum shines a light on a woman who controlled her destiny in a time like ours. Discover how she paved the way to an extraordinary life, providing a role model to all of us.