/Director and Producer – Raksanna
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Raksanna (USA)

Raksanna’s Egyptian soul shines through her authentic, original style. She dances like an Egyptian woman. Keep your eye on this rising Oriental star! – Randa Kamel

There is something uniquely special about Raksanna. She understands the depth and complexity of Middle Eastern music; it is apparent in her choreography, performances and teaching. She is a true artist, one of the most talented dancers, choreographers and teachers today. I consider her a colleague. – Momo Kadous

An inspiring artist, a powerful performer and an outstanding teacher … Raksanna masterfully brings the music to life through dance with authenticity and excellence. – Faten S.

One of the most versatile oriental dance artists today, Raksanna is known for her entertaining, dynamic and powerful Egyptian style dance featuring veil, zil work, stick (raqs al-assaya), Melaya and Saidi/Beledi folkloric dances.  In addition, her creative works have showcased sword work as well as a unique blend of Middle Eastern dance with contemporary American music.

Each piece Raksanna creates and performs looks and feels dramatically different, while capturing the beautiful essence of Oriental dance. She teaches weekly classes and is a popular workshop presenter around the world. Her credits include teaching four years at the world-renown Ahlan Wa Salan festival in Cairo, Egypt and being the first American invited to teach at Randa Kamel’s Raqs, Of Course festival in Cairo.

In addition to teaching, Raksanna is the artistic director of the award-winning The Desert Flames, and Raksanna’s Near East Dance Ensemble which performs a large variety of traditional and modern choreographies. 

Confessions of a Belly Dancer © is a dream in the making staring an international cast: Egypt, Germany, Chile, Romania, Scotland, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and the following states of California, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, North Carolina, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, Texas and New York!