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Rox-NEW Raksanna (USA, New Mexico)

One of the most versatile oriental dance artists today, Raksanna is known for her entertaining, dynamic and powerful Egyptian style dance featuring veil, zil work, stick (raqs al-assaya), Melaya and Saidi/Beledi folkloric dances.  In addition, her creative works have showcased sword work as well as a unique blend of Middle Eastern dance with contemporary American music. Each piece Raksanna creates and performs looks and feels dramatically different, while capturing the beautiful essence of Oriental dance. She is a popular workshop presenter and is a frequent instructor and performer at the world renown Ahlan Wa Salan festival in Cairo, Egypt.   In addition to teaching, Raksanna is the artistic director of The Desert Flames, and The Near East Dance Ensemble which performs a large variety of traditional and modern choreographies.

Ruth-NEW Ruth McEachnie | Gilae (Canada)

Ruth is the Artistic Director of Raksanna Productions, Inc. and for Confessions of a Belly Dancer ©.  Dance has always been an outlet for her to express her emotions, but oriental dance, and the many different folkloric dances of Egypt, touched a deep chord with her. She has been a member of Raksanna’s award winning Raksanna’s Desert Flames for four years and has been dancing for six.  Ruth delights in both dancing and creating beautiful choreography that inspires both the dancer and the audience. Her goal is to assist Raksanna in realizing her vision of elevating the art of Oriental dance and encouraging women to always express themselves through the arts, to pursue excellence and to reach for the stars.

Karri Ann Soyk (USA, Wisconsin)

Karri received a BFA in Theater Performance from UW-Whitewater where she performed in productions such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Maggie), Twelfth Night (Olivia) and James and the Giant Peach (Aunt Spiker). She has been dancing with Raksanna’s Near East Dance Ensemble since February 2012 and joined Raksanna’s Desert Flames. in March. She is truly grateful to be part of such a wonderful project and would like to extend a BIG thank you to her family, friends and the team for all their support.

Maria Cervantes (Mexico)

Maria has a Bachelor’s of Science in Cultural Anthropology from Northern Illinois University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science. She was a Mexican Folkloric dancer for 7 years during which she has performed throughout the Chicago and Chicagoland area including the Rialto Theater in Joliet and the Paramount Theater in Aurora. She became a member of Raksanna’s Desert Flames in March 2012. Before she found belly dancing, she was a shadow of her former self. Belly dance has brought her back and now she expresses her passion and her past through the dance.

Padawan Zoraida Jauregui | Betsy (Perú)

Zoraida is currently studying Psychology and works as a Spanish Interpreter. One of her goals is to pursue a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology. Zoraida’s passion for dance started when she was five years old. She was a Peruvian Folkloric dancer for 10 years before moving to the United States. She became a member of Raksanna’s Near East Dance Ensemble in January 2013. For her, dancing is power, freedom and happiness. Zoraida is very happy to be able to dance again and be part of this great production.