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Karen Amira (Scotland) – Featured in the Debut and Coming Home shows

Amira is an accomplished Oriental dancer. Her credits include movie parts, member of an award-winning troupe and a recognized soloist. She is known for her technical precision, authenticity and airy style. She is a member of Raksanna’s Desert Flames.

  Jackie Pullman (USA, Ohio) – Featured in the Debut show

Jackie started dancing with Raksanna about 3 years ago and became part of Raksanna’s Desert Flames a little over a year ago. She is an avid athlete and pursues her work with the Raksanna’s Near East Dance Ensemble as a team sport!  She is very excited and honored to be a part of this project with Momo Kadous and Raksanna.

 Kim Kim Cassidy (USA, Virginia) – Featured in the Debut, New York Off Broadway, Kansas City, Detroit and Coming Home shows

Kim holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Dance & Theater from the University of North Texas. She performed Perfectly Frank at Dallas Repertory Theater and Artistic License at the Bailiwick Director’s Festival in Chicago. Other favorite roles include 3rd Actress, The Dining Room; Mavis Johnson, The Rimers of Eldritch; and Sophie, The Star Spangled Girl.

 Linda-NEW Linda Roberts (USA, Illinois) – Featured in the Debut, New York Off Broadway, Kansas City, Detroit and Coming Home shows

Linda’s passion for dance goes back to the early days of Dick Clark on American Bandstand, when she danced in front of the t.v. with her older brothers.  She’s been dancing for fun ever since, but never forgot her childhood dream to dance on stage. Over five years ago Linda flew into the loving arms of Raksanna’s world of belly dance – the first time that belly dance “saved” her life. The second was more recently, when Linda was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, and came out the other side happy and more alive than ever. In addition to the support and love of her family and friends, dance played a major role in getting her through it all. It kept her focused on something beyond cancer, kept her active, and filled her with joy. Being surrounded by the sisterhood of dancers has been quite healing and uplifting!

Nan Beck (Thailand) – Featured in the Debut and Coming Home shows

Nan’s “day job” is as a research scientist/chemical engineer, however her passion is dancing. Nan is a versatile dancer.  As a youth she was trained in ballet, Thai dance, and music.  She both performed and choreographed for the stage from a young age both as a soloist and in groups.   She started belly dance in 2007 and fell in love with it. She is a member of Raksanna’s Desert Flames.

 Renee3 Renee (USA, Illinois) – Featured in the Debut, New York Off Broadway, Kansas City, Detroit and Coming Home shows

A physical therapist by day and a belly dancer by night, Renee rediscovered her love for dance and joined Raksanna’s Near East Dance Ensemble in January 2013. Recently, she was accepted into Raksanna’s Desert Flames. Since she was a little girl, Renee has dreamed about dancing Off Broadway. Now, she is very excited about fulfilling her dreams and touring with this wonderful cast.

 Susan Susan Jaquez (USA, Illinois) – Featured in the Debut and New York Off Broadway shows

Susan has had a love for dancing since she was a little girl. Her passion for dance ignited when she lived in Colombia where dancing is almost the national past time. Susan had her first belly dance class in April 2014 where she was instantly hooked by the exotic sounds and movements of the dance as well as the fabulous, welcoming women who teach and attend classes at Raksanna’s. As a novice dancer Susan is eager to learn and explore how belly dancing will strengthen her as a dancer and woman.

 Sue Susan Wagner (USA, Michigan) – Featured in the Debut, New York Off Broadway, Kansas City, Detroit and Coming Home shows

Susan has been belly dancing since 2001, and has been dancing with Raksanna since 2004. Her philosophy is that learning oriental dance is a complicated experience and takes a long time to master. She sees herself as still being on that road and views dancing as one of the ways she keeps fit and healthy.