Confessions of a Belly Dancer; Secrets of the Hieroglyph © is a collection of vignettes telling the personal stories of real women by oriental (belly) dancers from around the world.

  • Share a smoldering rendezvous on the banks of the Mediterranean sea
  • Feel the reckless abandonment of a night on the town
  • Experience the joy and chaos of “a day in the life” of a belly dancer
  • Witness secret ancient ceremonies as seen through the eyes of a hieroglyph

These real life experiences are spoken through the ancient art form of oriental (belly) dance. Immerse yourself in the ambitions, dreams, sorrows and joys of women!

  • Electrifying, never before seen, choreography by Raksanna and Momo Kadous
  • Beautiful music by award winning composer and voting member of the Grammy Awards, Dr. Samy Farag
  • Original compositions by international composer, Momo Kadous
  • Spectacular costumes by top Egyptian designer, Mohammed Mahmoud
  • Mesmerizing performances by the international cast, Raksanna’s Desert Flames Near East Dance Ensemble

Confessions of a Belly Dancer; Secrets of a Hieroglyph © is the theatrical adaptation of the books written by international belly dance star, Raksanna.Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

This provocative view of life leaves you laughing, crying, gasping and yearning for more. Simply a must see experience.

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